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Wales Overseas Consultants possesses a team of dedicated, hardworking and professionals in the field of education and immigration.

Team members at Wales Overseas Consultants are well trained and experienced in the field of counseling, education and immigration.

Mr. Parminder Singh(CEO)

who is a graduate from RMIT University of Australia and is permanent resident of Australia. He holds 15 years of student visa and immigration experience.

Mr. Tajinder Pal Singh(Director)

Has completed M.LLB & Immigration Law from Victoria University and has 14 years experience in Education and Immigration Industry. He is Citizen of Australia (Marn. 0743913).

Mrs. Sargam (Director)

Completed Masters of Arts from Punjab University. 10 years experience in Student visa and Immigration. She is also Resident of Australia.

Mr. Parvinder Singh (Director)

Completed Bachelors of Science. 11 years experience in International Studies. He looks after UK operations.

Mr. Mohinder Singh(Director)

Completed Bachelors of Electronics Holds visa for 13 countries. Has 4 years experience in Education Industry

Mr Jaswant Singh Pannu(Branch Manager)

Has completed Masters of Education. He holds 27 years of experience in Education and immigration industry.

Ms. Kavita Sharma(Branch Manager)

Has completed Masters of Arts and has 2 years experience in student visa and immigration industry.

Besides the above mentioned staff WOC has 14 counselors and visa officers whose minimum qualification is graduation and holds minimum of two years experience in student visa and immigration industry.

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